[FoRK] Microchasm

Joseph S. Barrera III < joe at barrera.org > on > Wed Jul 5 18:44:21 PDT 2006

Robert Harley wrote:

> Other than that, does "sinister dexterity" seem like a cute play on words
> to anybody or is it just me? 

It's not just you :-)

- Joe
Pinback: [making video diary entry] I do not like the men on this
spaceship. They are uncouth and fail to appreciate my better
qualities. I have something of value to contribute to this mission if
they would only recognize it. Today over lunch I tried to improve
morale and build a sense of camaraderie among the men by holding a
humorous, round-robin discussion of the early days of the mission. My
overtures were brutally rejected. These men do not want a happy
ship. They are deeply sick and try to compensate by making me feel
miserable. Last week was my birthday. Nobody even said "happy
birthday" to me. Someday this tape will be played and then they'll
feel sorry.

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