[FoRK] bin Laden deal

Jeff Bone < jbone at place.org > on > Wed Jul 5 07:14:23 PDT 2006

Noticed this bit this morning:


I've long thought --- since late 2002, if not before then, and  
particularly after Bush's "I don't think about him very much any  
more, he's on the run, we've eliminated his capability" (paraphrase)  
comments to press after the whole Iraq wagon-train rolled --- that  
the administration might well have a deal with bin Laden.  After all,  
people in and around the administration previously had close ties to  
bin Laden, and capturing him (particularly before Iraq) would  
eliminate a perfect bug-a-boo / stalking horse / raison d'etre for  
the new autocracy and it's "War On Terror."  Better to buy him off  
and direct most resources elsewhere while consolidating power and  
pursuing the authoritarian (President-above-the-law***), nation- 
building and personal vendetta (Iraq / Saddam) agendas.



*** He's the "decider."  That's "compassionate (faux-) conservative"  
speak for "dictator."  He knows what's best!

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