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Stephen D. Williams < sdw at lig.net > on > Tue Jul 4 20:31:18 PDT 2006

Most of the author's comments were about the difference between modern 
aerodynamic engineer / pilot terms vs. Wright Bros. and their era's 
terms.  It might be however that the author wasn't familiar with that 
use of "normal".  I know that use first/best from 3D modeling and animation.

It's pretty interesting how much the terms and concepts were used and 
available to anyone (in Ohio!) back in 1901/2.  It's also interesting 
how much progress they made in a few months relative to the rest of the 
scientific world.


Russell Turpin wrote:
> "Stephen D. Williams" <sdw at lig.net>:
>> This is the most concise explanation I've ever seen.  I had trig 25 
>> years ago. (!  What the??)
> Damn, that makes me feel old. I'm puzzled by the comment:
> "'Normal' was used in the Wright's day much the same way
> we use 'perpendicular' today."
> Still is. Or to be more specific, "normal" is a topological
> generalization of "perpendicular." Normal vectors have a
> cross-product of zero.
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