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Eugen Leitl < eugen at leitl.org > on > Tue Jul 4 13:13:49 PDT 2006

On Tue, Jul 04, 2006 at 10:06:36PM +0200, Dave Long wrote:

> The world cup gives everyone a chance to wave flags about (even flags 
> that haven't been sovereign in ages), and to dress up in silly outfits, 
> and to sing silly songs (I still can't tell if the one that sounds like 

I hate it. The Krauts are hardly nationalists, yet there are
flags everywhere, and "Dooitchland, Dooitchland!" semivocalization.
Terminal drunks staggering around, and aggression display
when you're biking through when the home team won. Car honking
for hours. Fucking morons. 

I hate mobs in general, and this one gives me the willies.
I don't expect people to act social insects, and I despise
them when they violate that expectation. This might be much
better than a war, but it's still a dire atavism.

The best times are where a game is on. Streets are blissfully
empty. So peaceful. If only a soccer rapture would take all 
nerds away, it would instantly improve humanity by a sigma
or two.

> Clementine has any words other than "Allez ... Allez ..."), and to 
> contribute to the coffers of many merchants (especially those in the 
> beverage and restauration business).
> All of this without any need to trump up invasion pretexts (even if one 
> can convince oneself that fighting a war is a cheaper way to get coal 
> than simply buying it on the open market), or to wind up with Bill The 
> Galactic Hero articles about the potential wonders of modern medicine 
> (as long as the army doesn't goof and give you two dextral limbs), or 
> to let hooligans run the police forces instead of running from them, or 
> to deplete the coffers of most merchants (with the exception of those 
> in the munitions or restoration business).
> Is there any reason why the world cup isn't nationalism done right?

The only nationalism done right is no nationalism at all. I think
my time machine is stuck in the wrong megayear. 

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