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Steve Nordquist < signa at everestkc.net > on > Tue Jul 4 03:37:21 PDT 2006

> It's been a while since we've flogged around munchkinesque ideas,
> so I'm bouncing these off you (garnered no response on another
> list).

	Those are fantastic questions; keep feeding your inner
11-year-old whatever you fed 'em...or are there all these surplused
(see 'get away with,' below) holographic optics workers blogging
at every darn showing of _Superman_ where you were...?

> Here's another fun problem: how well does ultrabroadband work in
> space?
	I think licenses work differently there, but let's see;
using multiple antennas in fixed config, check; tossing all the
config-balanced noise to save power, also the ringing elements
(fractal or otherwise,) and the twitchier power-estimation circuits
for your use cases (that is, the bad band profiles for the orbit
or groundplane at hand,) check; 4-metal-strained-silicon with
rad hard cred, ...eh, Reggie's still working out the Lian Li in
Space, but any shatterproof optics you can fab with no etalons
will stick fine. .....  Ah, there it is; anything you want packaged
as ICs is fine, as long as they're homogeneous and redundant and
work as elements of the power system the same as in the data
system with few changes.  ( 8V SNUBBER DIODE <-- few changes)

> prevent drift? How can you prevent position spoofing and large-scale
> DoS by injecting false position info ("I'm an Earth-surface beakon,
> so *my* drift is just cm/year, trust me")? How do you marry the  
> ultrasmart (e.g. agoric load levelling) and the ultra-dumb
> (just a thin veneer of hardware decoration over raw physics)?
[tagnote: I think that without the agoric (21,800ish!?!) term,
ultra-dumb (579 google hits) and relativistic cut-through (2)
were pretty good overkill.]

Hm...a tail made of used APS film which catches debris, a Mary
Poppins 7-person-parasol, trust systems (no wait, what if
Kyrgistan all run left and IM us at the same time, and
synchronously deploy UWB space mirrors?) custom paint every
one in 7 base IR ranges, and replaceable funk-nozzled (you need
ejecta signatures anyhow; ad subsidy) rocket cartridges for
orbit issues.  If you want a gyro on 1-pound gospels, hope
that the next Cristo wants to go up and wrap them on; otherwise
it's that tail and adjustments to insolation.
(Grumble grumble and make 30, 10kg heavier with cameras, so you
can get some non-stochastic info on what's going on up there.)

Still, looking at antenna (optic) smallness and directionality, did you
want to lose that inverse correlation altogether?  Because at the cost
of trying to microencapsulate with phase-conjugation materials,
you can get 7pF of directionality from a knot of a few cold moieties;
a good chance to put a routing hash in your bet among low-power
holography and SAW filters.

...yes Brain, but when I said 'The microscopic space fleet hits
you with a quart of oil!' I wasn't sure they all made it in....

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