[FoRK] Re: multilingual Star-Spangled Banner

Russell Turpin < deafbox at hotmail.com > on > Tue May 2 08:41:06 PDT 2006

Corinna" <corinna.schultz at gmail.com>:
>I totally agree.  In our local paper a few days ago, the front page (it's a 
>small paper) had a headline in the corner "Bush: Sing it in English".  I 
>shook my head as I passed the rack of papers. My husband looked at it
>curiously. I said "You really don't want to know..."

I suspect those of us who live in Texas cannot fathom
the depths of chauvinism in some areas of the US,
where the only people who speak more than one
language are school teachers and migrant workers,
both of which are groups viewed with a suspicious

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