[FoRK] Re: Day without illegals in the bay area

Corinna < corinna.schultz at gmail.com > on > Tue May 2 05:36:21 PDT 2006

"J. Andrew Rogers" <andrew at ceruleansystems.com> wrote in message
> I'll throw a little nuance onto this lovely little fire,

Nuance!?! What's that?

(I think they just want to argue and have free license to commit all sorts 
of fallacies...)

It's a complex situation, and there really needs to be more recognition of 
the concerns of all parties. If we're going to have laws against hiring 
illegals, then we need to make it relatively easy for an employer to verify 
someone's identity. We need to come down on the employers for hiring an 
illegal. We need to make the immigration process itself more fair. We need 
to have a way for skilled illegals to apply for citizenship (like that 
African guy in the FIRST competition who got left here by his mom when he 
was 14 - he can't fly to the regional contest so he's taking a train). We 
need to put pressure on Mexico to respect our borders (there's reports of 
Mexican military incursions near Rio Grande City, protecting drug smugglers. 
The locals keep complaining to the sherriff.). etc, etc. Many angles, many 
nuances, none of which are present in the national discussion.


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