[FoRK] Day without illegals in the bay area

Sat N < sateesh.narahari at gmail.com > on > Mon May 1 22:12:13 PDT 2006

> Luis (boggled that someone who is clearly an immigrant or the child of
> immigrants would swallow such completely bullshit propaganda)

Broadly, there are two categories of immigrants. The immigrants who
stand in the line and wait 10 years or more to become lawful permanent
residents, and eventually citizens,  and the other set of people who
refuse to stand in line , who refuse to learn English, who refuse to
believe in the values of the host country, demand citizenship, while
waving their home country's flag.

There are hundreds of thousands of people waiting for a permanent
residency by legal means, and the DHS is already bogged down by these
applications. If you let the illegals become citizens, this will only
cause delay in the system, and often delaying the people waiting for
their permanent residency by more than 5 to 10 years. Do you want to
delay the legal immigrants standing in line for 10 more years, so that
you can accomidate the illegals who crossed the border less than 6
months ago?.

BTW, the people standing in the line are often highly qualified folks
who are also earning higher income and paying taxes that will help you
with your social security when you retire.

The legal immigrants oppose granting of citizenship to illegal
immigrants every 15-20 years at the cost of folks who are waiting for
the legal citizenship. The legal immigrants help the economy of this
country by starting companies, by employing more people.

If you want real data, go check out immigration portals and listen to
the stories of the people who are standing in the line for the last 10
years or so.

Legal immigrants don't support illegal immigration.

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