[FoRK] Re: Re: What Women [Really] Want...

Corinna < corinna.schultz at gmail.com > on > Mon May 1 15:32:32 PDT 2006

"Andy Armstrong" <andy at hexten.net> wrote in message news:22450BDA-F9D2-
> Probably because nobody should express bitterness towards an entire 
> *gender* :)

Sure, but most of these people don't really mean it *that* way! They keep 
looking, right?  It's an exaggerated expression of hurt and disappointment.

Now, I agree it's a problem if these public expressions aren't balanced in 
some way. Like how our society presents a one-sided view of beauty and 
sexiness, for example. But when an individual expresses themselves, I don't 
think people should get all twisted up about it.

Yes, I know, "society" is made up of a collection of individuals... easch 
expressing themselves, etc, etc. Go ahead and poke holes in my statement. :)

It seems to me in general that people forget the point of view of the person 
who's saying the stuff.  I freely admit my opinion on this issue isn't worth 
much because I haven't really thought this through. I know misogynistic 
attitudes hurt people, too...


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