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That crosses my mind all the time during these hearings, etc.
Hopefully, we'll repent with a clear statement, maybe some new laws, 
etc. and set a good example.

It will certainly be hard to justify too much of a response to anyone 
else trying these things in the future, but if we get over it, maybe we 
can regain the high ground.

Some things are just messy and not likely to go away, but often there 
are ways to bound them so that they are tolerable.  Espionage for 
instance is reserved as a method by all the world powers, even though it 
is pretty much illegal at the global level.  Still, there are plenty of 
things out of bounds, like taking out sitting leaders or performing 
industrial espionage under the auspices of a state actor.  Various kinds 
of unauthorized abuse, one of the main fears, can be dealt with by 
strict auditing, oversight, and serious penalties.


Corinna wrote:
> "Stephen D. Williams" <sdw at lig.net> wrote in message
>> The Republicans seem to have dug a really, really big hole.  US politics 
>> should remain interesting for quite a while.
> My concern is about the long-term repercussions of the various precedents 
> that have been set. For example, other countries talking about pre-emptive 
> war (yes, it's self-serving, but there is less restraint now, I think).
> Also the long-term consequences of various unjust laws (like the Medicare 
> fiasco), and the gutting of the public agencies.
> The US is a much less nice place than it was 5 years ago...
> -Corinna
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