[FoRK] Republicans burning bridges??

Stephen D. Williams sdw
Sat Nov 5 08:32:08 PST 2005

6000 pork projects?  Are they serious??
Anyone who calls Democrats "tax and spend liberals" deserves a 
resounding "yea, right" for a long time.

"The highway bill seemed like such a good idea when it sailed through 
Congress this summer. But now Republicans who assembled the record 
spending package are suffering buyer's remorse.

The $286 billion legislation was stuffed with 6,000 pet projects for 
lawmakers' districts, including what critics denounce as a $223 million 
"Bridge to Nowhere" that would replace a 7-minute ferry ride in a 
sparsely populated area of Alaska. Usually members of Congress cannot 
wait to rush home and brag about such bounty -- a staggering number of 
parking lots, bus depots, bike paths and new interchanges for just about 
every congressional district in the country that added $24 billion to 
the overall cost of maintaining the nation's highways and bridges in the 
coming years."

"President Ronald Reagan once vetoed a highway bill because it contained 
152 pet projects. Despite the pork inflation, Bush had no complaints 
about the current package when he signed it on Aug. 10."


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