[FoRK] Re: Re: flag burning...

Corinna corinna.schultz
Wed Nov 2 09:57:51 PST 2005

The Lame Reason:  The pep rally thing was in the municipal auditorium, and 
it was dark, so it didn't really matter anyway. Plus, there's no law 
governing this situation.  If there had been a prayer, say, I would have 
done the same thing. Even if they had played the alma mater or something 

The Better Reason:  Having the kids stand reinforces the idea of having 
respect, and prevents them from continuing to talk, or whatever. They're 
kids, and things need to be a bit more blatant for them (I stood in the 
classroom, btw). It has to do with discipline and socializing them to be 

I'm not claiming to be consistent or have clearly developed ideas in this 
area.  :)

There's a sense that in the classroom, I'm in a totally different role than 
out of it, and have different requirements on my behavior. It's hard to 
explain, but one reason I quit was that I really didn't like the way I felt 
torn in half by the job. It caused a fair amount of stress for me. When I 
started, I expected some difficulty because of my philosophical differences, 
but the actual experience was tougher than I expected.

I'm much happier as a programmer...


<mattj at newsblip.com> wrote in message 
news:20051102104410.i441oajfm7lwkgss at
> Quoting Corinna <corinna.schultz at gmail.com>:
>> <rambling story ahead>
>> When I was a teacher, our school district had this back-to-school pep
>> rally ... They said the pledge -- I stayed seated
> Not to nag, or beat a dead horse, but if it was okay for you to sit, why 
> did you
> make your students stand?  (A guess: you thought they were sitting out of
> laziness, not conscience?  Is that distinction visible to others, in 
> regard to
> the politeness issue?)  Just curious.

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