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Tue Nov 1 12:50:13 PST 2005

At 17:50 -0700  on  10/31/05, mattj at newsblip.com wrote:
>Now imagine a 2-D graph, where one axis is the student's response to 
>the pledge,
>and the other axis is the teacher's response to the student's 
>action.  There are
>many possible points on this graph where we each might approve/disapprove
>E.g., some student choices:
>1 stand and pledge
>2 stand and pledge minus some phrases
>3 stand and silently hold hand over heart
>4 just stand, arms at side
>5 sit attentively, quietly
>6 sit quietly, intentionally looking away side
>7 sit and read
>8 stand and face back of room
>9 leave room during pledge
>(In some cases historically, schools have said that kids who decline to pledge
>*must* leave the room.)
>What some cases have concluded, if I remember correctly, is that 
>students have a
>right to not participate, so long as they do it in a way that does not disrupt
>the class.  The threshold for "disruption", however, probably differs based on
>local community norms.  I suspect there are many, many communities where even
>trying #2 will get other kids whispering.

What a mess.  It doesn't take very much to turn this whole issue into 
gordian knot of "respectful behavior" vs. "freedom of expression". 
To me this mostly points out the stupidity of government run schools. 
Vouchers for all and let parents decide how their children should 
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