[FoRK] announce: y! + xspf

Lucas Gonze lgonze at panix.com
Wed May 11 17:09:58 PDT 2005

Dear FoRKie,

The new Yahoo! music project was unveiled today.  I'm sure that this won't 
be news to link junkies like FoRK.  What is more likely to be news is that 
the engine of that project, called Yahoo! Media Engine, uses as its native 
playlist format something called XSPF.  I'm posting this here for a few 

One, I led the working group which developed XSPF, so this is a personal 
triumph.  Many folks here know how hard I worked on other projects, like 
WorldOS and Webjay; for XSPF to be picked up by Yahoo means that I've made 
the big time.

Two, XSPF is a data format which brings modern engineering to its genre, 
playlists, so that you can now hack playlists much much more easily than 
before.  For example, you can XSLT this format from a generic sharable 
form to a proprietary renderable form like Quicktime.

Three, our guiding obsession was to marry timed media with web standards 
for the first time, and this is a theme which many FoRKers will appreciate 
-- we were aggressive about using existing web standards whenever 

- Lucas

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