[FoRK] Why does Google think I live in the UK?

Russell Turpin deafbox at hotmail.com
Mon May 9 20:19:47 PDT 2005

Luis Villa:
>Have you told your brower or OS that you prefer
>en_GB to en_US?

Good question. Firefox is set to en_US, as is
Windows internet options. I have no idea what
other registry or other setting I would check
in Windows XP. But it is starting to seem likely
that it is some OS setting, given two more
clues. (1) This is definitely something client
side. Google correctly locates our other
computer in the US, and it is on the same
router, so it can't be some mistaken
assumption about IP geography. (2) This is
not browser dependent. I get redirected
to www.google.co.uk when using IE as
well as Firefox. That should rule out cookies.

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