[FoRK] Brava New Papa

Russell Turpin deafbox at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 20 17:51:03 PDT 2005

>Do you think this Pope will budge on the death penalty..

Hard to say.

>.. or the war in Iraq?

Likely not, but only because that is water
under the bridge. Keep in mind that the
Church is not pacifist. If a pope thinks some
particular war is not justified, he at least
recognizes that some wars are justified, so
it becomes an argument over details. I
really don't think Bush sweats that much,
especially given that these also are issues
where there is dissension among Catholics.

>Catholics and Evangelicals are more dissimilar than alike and, imho, not
>likely to form any stripe of alliance. ..

Both movements cover some range of
groups, and there are no small number
of people who are both. There are
many political organizations that draw
constituency from both groups.


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