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Adam Rifkin adam at xent.com
Thu Nov 25 23:57:29 PST 2004

Rob in the FoRKPoST titled "WTF?"


> WTF?  No Fork-mail for an entire day???

We all decided collectively to take a day of silence to honor the fact
that Rohit is now 30.

Recall the 30 hypothesis:


And I quote: "This is the belief that one's useful life ends at the age
30. This rule was first proposed by Rohit as the "Mathematician's rule
of 25," which states that anything that was ever useful in mathematics
was discovered and/or proved by a person by the time s/he was 25. (As an
example, Galileo was already Chair of Mathematics at Pisa at 25.) We
extend this rule to 30 for all fields besides mathematics; in fact, the
number 30 also corresponds to the average person's life expectancy back
when the institution of marriage was invented. Let's face it: you make
your reputation by 30, and then it's all downhill from there. This comes
from an ISI study of citations charting scientists' initial most-cited
paper vs age, where the media ranged from very early twenties for
mathematicians to early 30s for engineers. If you haven't broken through
by the end of your PhD, it's not going to happen. On a Rohit level,
Rohit lives his life as if it is literally going to end when he turns 30."

You'll be happy to know that Rohit's life did not literally end.
And so, we wish Rohit a happy 30:


I haven't really got much new to say, except to wish Rohit a happy
birthday and to point out that he's come a long way, even in the past
year: he got a PhD, he got engaged, he won a Distinguished Paper award
at a well respected conference (ICSE), he got married, he was named
Director of a Research Lab, and he set up 2005 to be a year of
publication.  Which is a lot more than I had to show for myself when
I turned 30 -- namely, a bunch of hoo ah disguised as poetry:


Happy 30, Rohit.  Welcome to The Other Side.

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