[FoRK] Canadian, Eh?

Joseph S. Barrera III joe at barrera.org
Wed Nov 17 21:39:43 PST 2004

Owen Byrne wrote:

>  Well having spent all my life up here spelling labour, valour and
>  colour, how come I've never seen "doughnuts."? Is it the common
>  spelling in the US? The inversion that proves the rule?

I'm just saying. I looked it up in my copy of the OED, and the main
entry is under "doughnut", whereas "donut" has a "see doughnut."

What *I* find surprising is that the OED doesn't mention "doughnought",
which I thought would have been the original form (dough zero).

If it makes you feel better, "donut" is also pretty common here.
E.g., "Mr. Donut". And a lot of blue-state Americans here spell
colour such, at least until Microsoft Word corrects them.

- Joe

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