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Boycott Ebay and Paypal
Posted: 2004-11-02 By: Dustin


Sign this PLEDGE
Boston group calls for boycott of PayPal & parent company eBAY
On this day of celebration of "freedom" & "democracy," the Boston Area -
Leonard Peltier Support Group is calling for a boycott of PayPal & parent
company eBAY.

The modest funds raised through the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee (LPDC)
& selected support group Web sites are used for public education programs,
political & lobbying actions, & legal strategies undertaken on behalf of
Leonard Peltier. We do these things to keep Peltier's hope for freedom
alive. While such activities are likely inconvenient for the U.S.
government, they are not illegal. On the contrary, these activities
represent free exercise of our constitutional rights.

We've come to expect interference with our Web-based services over the
years, i.e., interruption of service at critical times, for example.
However, last week, both the LPDC & the Boston support group received
notification from PayPal (our Web site credit card verification & payment
processing service) that we are in violation of its Acceptable Use Policy.
Designating Leonard Peltier as being "notorious for committing murderous
acts," PayPal has now deprived us of our online fundraising capability. Our
accounts have been closed preventing us from receiving donations
electronically & we have been told that our funds collected through the
online service may be frozen for up to 180 days.

What is PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy? Read it for yourself.
Please note that PayPal doesn't monitor Web sites but depends on "members of
the community" to bring alleged violations to its attention. We can only
speculate as to who those "members of the community" were in this case.
An Indigenous Rights activist & prisoner of conscience, Leonard Peltier has
been imprisoned for the past 28 years for a crime he did not commit. U.S.
prosecutors have admitted that they did not & cannot prove that Peltier
committed the crime of which he was accused. In fact, it was proved long ago
that Leonard Peltier was convicted through the use of fabricated evidence &
false testimony. Under nonpolitical circumstances, the courts would have
been compelled to release Peltier due to prosecutorial misconduct & a
flagrant abuse of power. Instead, 28 years later, Peltier languishes in the
maximum security prison in Leavenworth, Kansas.

The U.S. Government even now refuses to release Peltier despite his becoming
eligible for parole over a decade ago. In violation of their own
congressionally mandated guidelines, Peltier won't even be considered for
parole until he has served over twice the normal term for his alleged

Due to his political prosecution/persecution, Leonard Peltier has been
called the Nelson Mandela of the United States. He has garnered worldwide
support. Amnesty International & other human rights organizations have
repeatedly called for his immediate & unconditional release. He is supported
by numerous luminaries throughout the world, including Mandela himself, as
well as past & present members of the U.S. Congress. In 1991 & again in
2000, Judge Gerald Heaney (formerly of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals)
& author of one of the appellate decisions in the Peltier case wrote to
Senator Daniel Inouye to recommend a grant of Executive Clemency to Peltier.

PayPal also claims to have done an exhaustive evaluation of the LPDC &
Boston sites for "offensive" material. What did they find?

The announcement of Leonard Peltier's nomination for the 2004 Nobel Peace
The legal updates concerning Leonard's case, including information on
Peltier's recent victory over editor Paul DeMain in a defamation lawsuit
filed in 2003.
The position paper submitted by the Peltier legal team to the Committees on
the Judiciary of the U.S. Senate & U.S. House of Representatives on official
misconduct in Indian Country, in particular that against the American Indian
Movement & Leonard Peltier.
Material to mobilize support for the release of hundreds of thousands of
documents still withheld after nearly 30 years by the Federal Bureau of
Investigation, despite repeated Freedom of Information Act actions brought
by Peltier's attorneys.
Announcement of Leonard's presidential nomination for the Peace & Freedom
Party in California.
Political action materials as regards the upcoming presidential election, in
general, & encouraging Indigenous & other U.S. voters to use their votes to
help win Leonard's freedom, in particular.
We consider this policy & PayPal's actions to be an attack on our political
beliefs, interference with our right to participate in the "democratic"
political process, & an intentional effort on the part of PayPal & its
parent company eBAY to interfere with our (and your) constitutional rights.
Such corporate actions -- as taken at the behest of the U.S. government, or
not -- are an affront to activists everywhere & threaten our basic freedoms.

We will NOT go away! Join our boycott of PayPal & its parent company eBAY.
Spread the word to friends, family, colleagues & co-workers:

Don't use the PayPal service on Web sites you own or manage.
Don't donate to or purchase from sites that use the PayPal service.
Don't buy or sell/auction items using eBAY.
Send PayPal & eBAY the message that you find THEIR policy & actions

PO Box 583
Lawrence, Kansas 66044-0583

Thank You.

Released on: July 4, 2004

Barry Bachrach, Esquire
Bowditch & Dewey, LLP
311 Main Street, Worcester, MA 01615-0156
E-mail: bbachrach at bowditch.com

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Posted: 2004-10-24 By: dustin

All Saints Church, Doctor's Hospital 399 King St. E., 88-90 Carlton St.
53 Dundas St. E. (Mission Press)
1510 King St. W. (Pope Squat)
213 Parliament St.,
558 Gerrard St. E. (Gatekeeper Squat)

What do these addresses all have in common?

They're all abandoned buildings that OCAP has taken over in the fight for
housing. One forced the opening of a homeless shelter, another was turned
into housing for seniors, another became a squat with 25 residents for over
3 months, and still another forced a politician to sign away his federal
seat in the House of Commons!

Public Meeting
Wednesday November 3, 2004
All Saints Church
(corner of Dundas and Sherbourne)

March, Meal and Squat
Saturday November 13, 2004

The Fight for Affordable Housing Must and WIll Continue

The time for waiting on governments to take action on ending poverty in
Ontario has long been over. We must begin to meet the needs of poor people
and communities ourselves. Last month, OCAP began to answer to the crisis of
hunger in this city by taking and redistributing $3500 worth of food. On
November 13, we will begin to deal with the province-wide housing crisis by
opening new housing, putting into use a building that sits empty and idle
because of government and private developer greed.

Both the City and the Province own dozens of properties in Toronto and can
purchase buildings which could house people immediately if there was the
political will to do it. We are not going to wait for those with power and
wealth to develop that will. We see the need for housing in our communities
grow daily and we will continue to take action to satisfy that need directly
- through squatting those buildings which sit empty while people prepare for
another harsh winter on the streets or in run-down slums.

Just as there are people in Toronto who feast while others starve, people
who are buried in material goods while others go without, there are those
who horde empty buildings while people sleep on their doorsteps. Many of
these buildings are in livable condition - we know because we have opened
them before and taking the lead from those who squat to survive, we can and
have turned this shameful waste into real housing.

We are calling on everyone fed up with waiting for lying governments to come
up with concrete change to come out and take action for housing, for
dignity, and for justice. Throughout the coming months we will continue to
take back what is owed to the many people in this city and province: those
hungry will be fed, those who are cold will be clothed, and on November
13th, those without shelter will be housed.

Join us.

On November 13th please bring:
- Tools
- Warm Clothes
- Couches
- Snacks and Coffee
- Pots, Pans, Drums, Music, Noisemakers
- Shopping Carts

- Victor B. Stan 

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