[FoRK] The Answer is 42 - 6 multiplied by 9

Russell Turpin deafbox at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 16 15:59:03 PST 2004

Jim Whitehead:
>I was under the impression that there's a pretty
>easy thermodynamic argument against this hypothesis. The energy required to 
>simulate even a simple system completely in a computer
>is so large, you soon get to the point where
>you need the entire energy output of multiples
>of our universe to simulate our single universe.

That has to do with simulating parts of our
universe IN our universe. It doesn't address the
question of whether our universe is a simulation
done within a different, substrate universe. The
substrate universe might have available orders
of magnitude more energy than exists in our
own. Of course, that is an analogy, since the
energy of our universe is no more energy in the
substrate universe than Pacman energy bits
contain joules.

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