[FoRK] quick book announcement...

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Sat Oct 16 15:09:08 PDT 2004

Looks great so far.  It's not shipping yet and it's yet another $85 
book, but the provided chapter is perfect.

Do you have reviewer copies?


Reza B'Far (Voice Genesis) wrote:

>The past five years, I've enjoyed mostly lurking, with a once a year post
>;-)  So, here is my annual post --
>Three years ago, I started writing this book, titled "Mobile Computing
>Principles"... was supposed to be a 9 month project, ended up being a lot
>longer than I thought...
>It is foreworded by Roy Fielding (whom most of you on this email list
>probably know)...here is a link to it:
>In the US, Australia, and South-America:
>In the UK and Europe:
>The text is 18 chapters, approximately 850 pages, and you can find the
>sample of a chapter here:
>As Bartles and James used to say: "We thank you for your support!"
>I would love to hear some feedback... even if it's harsh :-)
>Reza B'Far
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