[FoRK] oh the irony

Justin Mason jm at jmason.org
Thu Oct 14 14:14:13 PDT 2004

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> Actually, that does explain it.  "James Rogers" suffers from very high 
> identity collision -- I've run into many people with that same name 
> over the years. While I have been mixed up with other people with the 
> same name repeatedly by both the government and private industry 
> (including a bank deposit misrouted to my account once when I was a kid 
> due to having the same name), I am not under any illusions that I have 
> real anonymity from it either.  Hell, the DoD explicitly took DNA 
> samples for identifying my person almost fifteen years ago.  Not that I 
> make it easy for them if i don't have to.

I've had roughly the opposite problem -- I've tried to use my shortened
"GivenName FamilyName" name format, but gradually wound up with my full
name on all sorts of cards and IDs -- since that's what my passport lists.

ah well, I suppose it reduces this namespace collision risk.  And if Kerry
wins, maybe my middle name (Forbes) will come in handy ;)

- --j.
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