[FoRK] Personal update, book ref, fun quote, and (of course) political tangent

Owen Byrne owen at permafrost.net
Thu Oct 14 08:33:40 PDT 2004

Cleopatra Von Ludwig wrote:

>I think you presented an interesting and eloquent argument for why
>you're switching careers, and it made me wonder if you were trying to
>convince the forkers that you're doing the right thing, or yourself. I
>think you'll find out soon enough if you've done the right thing, once
>you're doing it. You may have an overwhelming urge to be sucked back
>into all things software; or you may not.
The thing is - in my humble opinion - he's going to end up writing code 
again, just in a different arena. There
are few careers left that don't benefit from programming ability - even 
if something like writing excel macros. The
debate last night of all things brought this back to me when GB 2 
brought up IT and medicine - I worked at
a med school for a while, and every physican I met wanted to pick my 
brain or get me to write a little (hah!) program
for them. Despite the whole downsizing/outsourcing hubbub - programming 
skills, mathematical skills and communication
skills - are still a killer combination.

The bubble burst, it was made worse by George Bush's policies (deficit 
spending and currency devaluation = disinvestment). Outsourcing is
the foreign bogeyman that it is convenient to blame it on.


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