[FoRK] What Bush supporters must believe...

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Wed Oct 13 20:47:56 PDT 2004

As you're aware, I'm not going to be voting for George Bush.  I believe 
a true conservative, a libertarian, or a moderate of any stripe CANNOT 
in good conscience vote for George Bush --- so I'm voting Kerry, not so 
much FOR Kerry as AGAINST Bush.  (Though I feel much better about Kerry 
now than I did at the outset of these debates.)  Here are who you are 
and / or some things you have to believe in order to vote for Bush:

(1)  You support special-interest oligarchy, corporate welfare, and 
corruption.  You think that having multi-billion dollar no-bid 
contracts handed to favored companies who are still paying our 
executives more than they are making from the public for their 
"service" is not ethically objectionable.  You believe the taxpayers of 
this country SHOULD pay the Vice-President's former (and current!) 
employer $100 for a box of Tide or > $15 / gallon for oil *in Iraq* is 
okay.  You see no problem with having corporate criminals like Ken Lay 
be chief advisors to the president on energy policy.

(2)  Screw the kids.  You think that a tax deferral disguised as a tax 
cut which steals your childrens' and grandchildrens' future earnings in 
order to provide the political sham of tax cuts today (coupled with 
HUGE deficit spending) is okay.  Never mind the fact that the younger 
generations are already looking forward to being screwed by the scam 
called Social Security, let's put $300 more in your pockets today.  
Triple whammy:  the youngsters pay for the Boomer's today, don't get 
Social Security tomorrow, get tomorrow's money taken away from them AND 
their kids in order to pay for the faux "conservative" / "Republican" 
Boomer's post-millennial spending binge.

(3)  You think sending jobs overseas is a good thing.  Under George 
Bush's tenure more jobs have moved overseas than ever before, in fact 
accelerated by massive tax cuts for corporations that do so.

(4)  Screw the troops.  Under George Bush more of our servicemen and 
women are living below the poverty line than ever before.  To add 
insult to injury George Bush cut combat pay for soldiers currently 
deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq, cut supplemental pay for their 
families back home, and refused to supply them with body armor and 
other critical tools.  George Bush's record with the military is so bad 
that it's resulted in a backdoor draft, with mandatory additional tours 
of duty and the lowest recruitment levels across the board since 
*before* the Vietnam War.

(5)  You believe that it's better for America to defer to our wise 
leaders than to evaluate all the facts and think for ourselves.  You 
have no problem with the fact that this administration has and 
continues to lie, distort, and deceive in a more systematic and 
egregious fashion than any in history.  (You probably *were* mad about 
Clinton lying, but then, that was about *sex.*)

(6)  You think George Bush is a good Christian man, never mind the fact 
that he's only attended "his church" in D.C. a few times since taking 
office --- mostly early on, mostly for photo opportunities.  But then, 
it's more important to *say* you're Christian than to demonstrate 
actual Christian virtues like telling the truth.

(7)  Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, what's the difference?  Saddam, 
Osama, who cares?  They're all towel heads.  You're not bothered by the 
fact that Bush refuses to distinguish between Iraq and a real "war on 
terror."  You're not bothered by the fact that while 15 of the 19 
highjackers on the 9/11 flights were from Saudi Arabia (our "good 
friends") NONE were from Iraq.  You're not bothered by the fact that 
exactly NONE of the claims made by Rumsfeld, Rice, and company before 
the invasion of Iraq (never mind Colin Powell before the U.N., 
apparently despite his better judgment) have turned out to be true.

(8)  You're more interested in having the U.S. "beat its chest" about 
how powerful it is internationally than take simple measures that could 
actually secure our homeland.  You don't think that with all the money 
--- money stolen from your children and grandchildren --- sloshing 
around that we could find the $2B necessary to fund an inspection 
program for container ships in our major ports.  You think that letting 
jackboots molest white middle-class PREGNANT WOMEN in airport security 
makes us safer than looking for rogue nuclear weapons crossing our 
borders.  (See "Coffee, Tea, or Should We Feel Your Pregnant Wife's 
Breasts" - 
http://www.kuro5hin.org/?op=displaystory;sid=2002/12/21/19366/538 -jb)

(9)  Chris Reeves?  Michael J. Fox?  Screw 'em, they're cripples.  You 
believe that a *potential life* is far more important than an *actual* 
life, and will do anything possible to overturn Roe vs. Wade and to 
banish stem cell research.  For that matter you think science is pretty 
damn shifty, buncha ivory tower eggheads --- let's have less science in 
general (and we do, under Dubya.)  More faith, less science.

(10)  You think more Republicans should follow that great example of 
Republican leadership, FDR.  After all, Dubya is!  Big social programs 
(prescription drug plan) to big bureacracies (largest government 
payroll ever in headcount) you think the whole Reagan Revolution's 
precedent of minimal gov't was misguided.  More Big Government!  Of 
course, only if it's the GOP in charge...

(11)  You "KNOW" that Kerry is "the most liberal senator in the U.S. 
Senate" even though you don't know why you know that.  (I'll tell you 
why you know that:  The National Review --- now there's an unbiased 
source --- said so, and you've been programmed with that sound bite via 
the conservative media outlets and talking heads.)

(12)  You are distressed by Kerry's supposed tendency to "flip-flop" 
but either don't know or cannot acknowledge that Bush has a track 
record replete with flip-flopping on profoundly important issues:  
priority of terrorism and domestic security pre-9/11, "nation 
building," 9/11 commission, formation of a Department of Homeland 
Security, intelligence reform, etc. etc. etc.)

(13)  You think that having Big Brother keep an eye on Americans --- 
with no checks and balances --- is good for the country.  Renew the 
PATRIOT Act.  Pass PATRIOT II.  Most people are guilty until proven 
innocent anyway.

(14)  In for a penny, in for a pound.  You believe that it is more 
important when wrong to not admit mistakes, to remain "determined" and 
"resolute," and to "stay the course" than to admit your mistakes and 
make the changes that need to be made.

(15)  You believe that Fox News truly is "Fair and Balanced" --- 'nuf 

(16)  We can go it alone.

(17) You believe that George Bush is a "simple man of the people" 
despite the fact that (a) he was a silver spoon born into one of the 
scariest, shadiest old-money families in the country, (b) he went to 
the same Ivy League school as Kerry, then Harvard,   and (c) like Kerry 
he is a member of one of the scariest, shadiest secret societies / 
brotherhoods in the country.  You believe that he's looking out for the 
middle class little guys, despite the fact that at a fund raiser 
earlier this year, in the presence of some of the wealthiest people in 
the country he said:  "Some people call you the idle rich.  I call you 
my base!"

(18)  You believe that George Bush is a seasoned, accomplished 
businessman despite the fact that (a) every single one of his business 
ventures failed, costing his "partners" (mostly Daddy's family friends) 
and / or taxpayers millions, (b) he never actually accomplished 
anything that would justify the positions, investment, and career 
success he had prior to feeling the "public service" call, and (c) the 
only money he ever really made was a function of a shady 
insider-trading deal that was investigated by the SEC.  Which, BTW, was 
*far* bigger and *far* more impactful than e.g. "Whitewater."

(19)  You believe that letting lesbians or male homosexuals have a 
wedding ceremony is a FAR graver risk to "marriage" and "the family" 
than either the stratospheric divorce rate that exists today or the 
fact that the "make / keep the Baby Boomer's wealthy" policies of the 
last 40 years have made it essentially impossible for my generation or 
the next to raise a family at the same kind of quality of life (on even 
larger *double* incomes) as that we enjoyed in our childhood.  It also 
goes without saying that you believe that the federal government should 
be in the marriage business.  (In conflict with other positions you 
might have where "states' rights" trump everything else.)

(20)  You have very little respect for the Constitution.  Despite the 
fact that "activist judges" were specifically wired into the 
Constitution as a check / balance against the possibility of "activist 
legislators" and "activist administrations" you feel that we need more 
of the latter two and less of the first --- and never mind the Framers' 

(21)  Despite the fact that you despise the French, you believe we 
should borrow a few tricks from their playbook.  In particular you 
believe that, like the French, our government should be in the business 
of defining what exactly constitutes "American culture" and defending 
the "purity" of said culture.

(22)  You tend to think John Ashcroft is a good, upright, sane 
individual instead of the wacky theocratic nut-job and jackboot that he 
clearly is.  Yeah, let's give him some more power...  (Yet you think 
Janet Reno was the spawn of Satan...  go figure.)

(23)  You believe that paranoia is healthy.  You disagree with Benjamin 
Franklin's assertion that "They that can give up essential liberty to 
obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."  
(Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759.)

(24)  Can't have too much legislation!  More, more, more!  The fact the 
George Bush is the first president in over a century to never veto 
*anything* is *just fine* with you.

I'm sure there are more.  ;-)



It is the common fate of the indolent to see their rights become a prey 
to the active. The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man 
is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is at once 
the consequence of his crime and the punishment of his guilt.

	- John Philpot Curran

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