[FoRK] Personal update, book ref, fun quote, and (of course)political tangent

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Wed Oct 13 12:20:23 PDT 2004

This is cool, but it would be nice if the content was actually in the 
presentation and not only in speech.

Oh well.  If anyone takes notes, please pass them on.

He breaks one of my prime rules: never force everyone in your audience 
to write down the same notes.  Hand out what they will want to take 
away.  When I see a manager trying to do this to people, I always call 
them on it.


Meltsner, Kenneth wrote:

>"Don't Get Too Good At What You Don't Like Doing."
>>From Rick Catell's talk on "Things I Wish I Learned in Engineering
>Other rules/slides:
>00:00:01 | Speaker Introduction
>00:01:37 | Things I Wish I Learned in Engineering School
>00:03:08 | Why I'm Giving This Talk
>00:04:11 | Where I'm Coming From
>00:05:54 | 20 Principles in 4 Categories
>00:06:43 | Almost All Organizations Try To Do Too Many Things
>00:09:37 | 1% of Leaders are Responsible for Most Successes
>00:12:37 | A Suboptimal Decision is Almost Always Better Than None
>00:15:18 | Trust In An Organization Is Inversely Proportional To
>00:16:15 | Engineers Follow the Leader
>00:17:58 | Organizations are Self-Preserving
>00:19:30 | Taylor's Law
>00:20:45 | Lampson's Law
>00:23:02 | Joy's Law
>00:24:46 | Wonderfulness Follows a Fine Wave through Release Cycles
>00:25:49 | You Have To Sell Your Ideas
>00:27:33 | Don't Base a Risky Project On Another Risky One
>00:29:50 | Know Your Customer
>00:31:50 | Being First Is More Important Than Being Best
>00:34:28 | Catch the Wave Of New Markets and Technologies
>00:35:41 | Kannegaard's Law
>00:38:23 | Focus on the Achievable, Not the Impossible or Inevitable
>00:41:39 | Sutherland's Law
>00:43:08 | Don't Get Too Good At What You Don't Like Doing
>00:44:13 | It's Worth Taking Time To Increase Your Effectiveness
>00:46:52 | Schmidt's Law
>00:49:04 | Quiz: Startup Companies
>00:51:31 | Bruce Nelson on Startups
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