[FoRK] The importance of the stem cell debate...

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Wed Oct 13 11:29:57 PDT 2004

I would say that the damage is self-inflicted out of laziness or 
deliberate ignorance, but you have to allow for the effects of 
continuous childhood indoctrination.

Oh, to be free, philosophically strong, and firmly in touch with 
reality, that is what I wish upon the world.
To paraphrase a recent movie in which a sub-protagonist geek 
hacker/cracker states "My KungFu is strong!":
My meme pool is strong.


Joseph S. Barrera III wrote:

> Stephen D. Williams wrote:
>>  Actually, Canada wouldn't be too bad, except for the weather.
>>  Anyone who can actually grasp the concepts involved in embryonic stem
>>  cell research should have already decided to vote for the
>>  "intelligent party" rather than the "imperialist neo-fundamentalist
>>  anti-intellectuals", or do I have it wrong?
> You're neglecting the damage that religion can do to otherwise smart 
> people.
> - Joe

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