[FoRK] gmail invites for bad grrls

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Sun Aug 29 09:25:38 PDT 2004

I've been busy; I could use 2 if anyone still has them available.


Adam L Beberg wrote:

> Michael wrote:
>> I have a bunch to give away also. Send me an email at 
>> mogmios at gmail.com if you want an invite. Those people who include the 
>> most interesting message attachments will get the invites. Geek grrls 
>> with self pics or flicks will rate highly. Of course that's an 
>> unreasonable way to pass out free accounts but why not have some fun? ;)
>>> OK, I'm going to do my part for Google's viral marketing campaign, 
>>> and offer my six (6?!!) invites up for FoRKian consumption.
>>> Usual practice -- send me a note and I'll send your email address to 
>>> the Google infection center.
> I have a pile too, and i offered them before, I believe all the FoRK 
> folk have them already, it's VERY overrated.

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