[FoRK] gmail invites for bad grrls

Michael mogmios at mlug.missouri.edu
Wed Aug 25 20:25:19 PDT 2004

I have a bunch to give away also. Send me an email at mogmios at gmail.com 
if you want an invite. Those people who include the most interesting 
message attachments will get the invites. Geek grrls with self pics or 
flicks will rate highly. Of course that's an unreasonable way to pass 
out free accounts but why not have some fun? ;)

> OK, I'm going to do my part for Google's viral marketing campaign, and 
> offer my six (6?!!) invites up for FoRKian consumption.
> Usual practice -- send me a note and I'll send your email address to 
> the Google infection center.
Michael <mogmios at mlug.missouri.edu>

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