[FoRK] Uncovered: The Whole Truth about Iraq War

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Sun Jul 11 20:54:46 PDT 2004


The Whole Truth About The Iraq War

Robert Greenwald -  87 minutes:  Windows Media

An impressive roster of experts is assembled to provide a generally
withering commentary on the quality of evidence and possible motivations of
the Neo-conservatives who provided the momentum and muscle behind America's
venture into preemptive war. Among them are veteran CIA analysts and
operatives, military officers, diplomats, politicians, arms inspectors, and
U.S. and British government officials. The fig leaf of the possibility of
an honest mistake on the matter of WMDs is stripped away; what is left is
the stark and disturbing anatomy of deliberate deceit.

Video, here:



"We're in a fucking stagmire."

       --Little Carmine, 'The Sopranos'  

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