[FoRK] Opinions of Plone/Zope/ZWiki/Python?

Justin Mason jm at jmason.org
Fri Jun 4 16:05:40 PDT 2004

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Wiki-wise, I like Moin Moin, and it's pretty popular.  it's RSS output
of RecentChanges is nice ;)

I and the ASF have (both, independently) hacked in support for mailing
*all* changes as diffs to an email addr; very handy for dealing with
referrer-spamming scumbags nowadays.  grr.   Unfortunately that hack
hasn't made it "upstream" yet (from the ASF at least; I never cleaned mine
up enough to make it worth sending.)

- --j.

Stephen D. Williams writes:
> I periodically look at various content management, application server, 
> Wiki, and similar systems.
> The top projects like Tiki-Wiki, Plone/Zope, and others are improving 
> quickly.
> There are a zillion commercial and open source content management and 
> related systems now.
> None meet every need yet.  Does anyone have strong opinions on favorites?
> http://directory.google.com/Top/Computers/Software/Internet/Site_Management/Content_Management/
> This allows some useful detailed comparison:
> http://www.cmsmatrix.org/
> Plone/ZWiki/Zope is beginning to look attractive again, especially since 
> they are going to widen their database support this year.
> http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/040524/nym203_1.html
> sdw
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