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Clearly, I'm an idiot.  The Neldam family, which still owns and runs the bakery, is Danish in origin.  I have no idea why I thought they were minority-owned -- perhaps it was an urban legend -- and I'm sure it stuck in my brain because of the incongruity of an Oakland*-based bakery making classic European-style cakes.


* The one near San Francisco, not the one near Pittsburgh.

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And Neldam's in Oakland -- are they still in business?  They made the most amazing cake with whipped cream frosting and fresh fruit -- it was a classic European-style cake, very light and clean in flavor, and was baked with special ovens imported from the Continent.  It was a bit surprising since it was a minority-owned bakery when that was usually associated with heavy organic or African-influenced bread.

Not odd, by the way, that most of my memories are associated with food.  The East Bay was foodie territory well before Narsai's or Chez Panisse.  Must be something about the relatively cosmopolitan student population there.


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