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Joseph S. Barrera III joe at barrera.org
Fri May 28 15:59:48 PDT 2004

Am I a bad person? Am I baiting this person?
I'd like to think that I'm just expanding his horizons and
teaching him about other perspectives.
But I'm probably just seeding a 200 message flame war.

Lord, forgive me, but please remember the violence here is purely 

- Joe

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R. D. Davis wrote:

> > Myself? I'm rather gay, seeing a 3803 Tape Controller that will
> > soon be mine. Oh, wait, maybe I should just say happy...
>  [time for my politically incorrect statement of the week]
>  I vote that we take that word back. No offense to homosexuals, but
>  someone needs to clue them into the fact that they've been using the
>  word 'gay' incorrectly for far too long; they're not the only ones
>  with the right to be called happy people. How that started, I don't

Oh, there are enough other words for happy. And there is no better
word for gay than "gay". If you need a new word for happy and
energetic, you can borrow the Japanese "genki".

Language changes. Don't worry; be gay.

- Joe

You seemed so sad
I could see through your twisted smile
So unsure, always confused
Pale blue eyes gazing down from your ivory tower
Through the haze all broken and bruised

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