[FoRK] [NEC] #3.4: Nomic World (fwd from nec@shirky.com)

Dave Long dl at silcom.com
Fri May 28 14:09:35 PDT 2004

> The second big obstacle is economics -- the box that runs the virtual
> world is owned by someone, and it isn't you. When you pay your $20 a
> month to Sony or Microsoft, you're subscribing to a service, but
> you're not actually paying for the server directly. The ownership
> passes through a series of layers that dilutes your control over
> it. The way our legal system works, it's hard for groups to own things
> without being legal entities. It's easy for Sony to own
> infrastructure, but for you and your 5 friends to own a server in
> common, you'd have to create some kind of formal entity. IOUs and
> social agreements to split the cost won't get you very far.

This distinction is made in other
venues as the difference between
"non-equity" and "equity" country

The Doped Silicon Bitbashing & Server Club?


(in other governing areas, I'd say
that one of the biggest financial
problems of the US admininstration
is that our current guys give the
impression that they think they're
managing a non-equity club)

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