[FoRK] Rumor: Sad if true: Halliburton / KBR to block troops' e-mail

Contempt for Meatheads jbone at place.org
Mon May 10 14:00:41 PDT 2004

Via Jrobb:


  Sad if true. [1]  Halliburton's KBR, which supplies connectivity to 
soldiers in Iraq, has been told to block all inessential (ie. anything 
that isn't gov't business) e-mail from troops in the field for the next 
90 days.

Think about this in the context of Boyd's view of grand strategy.  
Disruption of internal communications is a form of physical isolation 
that contributes to erratic behavior.

[1] http://www.kathryncramer.com/wblog/archives/000549.html

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