[FoRK] In case you didn't get the memo.

jbone at place.org jbone at place.org
Sun Feb 1 16:02:03 PST 2004

There will be a one-minute boycott of CBS over refusal to air the 
MoveOn ad.  CNN will be airing the ad at 8:10pm EST and 8:35pm EST.  
Please join me in switching over at those times to watch the winning 
ad, "Child's Pay."

Right-wing nutball apologists and AM talk radio talking-point 
sycophants are particularly encouraged to view the ad in order to put 
to rest the myth that MoveOn is some kind of fringe far-leftist org --- 
indeed, this ad demonstrates that the rank-and-file "participants" in 
MoveOn are keenly and *primarily* concerned about what *should* be a 
key conservative issue, fiscal responsibility.  This ad --- this 
message --- beat out all the others.  That should reflect what's on 
everybody's mind.  (Hint:  it's the economy, stupid.  And the Dow isn't 
by itself a very good indicator of overall economic health.)

Latest deficit estimate:  ~$1.9T over the next 6 years --- that's an 
additional HALF TRILLION since the last estimate, due primarily to the 
underestimated costs of Iraq and the free Viagra giveaway in attempt to 
woo "The Worst Generation."

That's $1.9 TERABUCKS, give and take a few $B.

Who's going to pay?


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