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And take a look at

Beat the Budgies. The Ostriches were hungry, Johny was covered in molasses
and corn and had to recover buried ostrich food.

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> "You ever get the feeling you've been cheated?" -- Exunt
> Johny Lydon, final stageshow, US tour, 1978.
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> Feel cheated? Rotten does reality TV
> Punk rocker to appear on Brit program
> Canadian Press
> Monday, January 19, 2004
> John Lydon, AKA Johnny Rotten. (CP /Kevin Frayer)
> CREDIT: (CP /Kevin Frayer)
> LONDON (AP) -- As Johnny Rotten once snarled, "Ever get the feeling
> you've been cheated?"
> To the dismay of aging punk fans, a British television company announced
> Monday that the former Sex Pistols singer and angry punk icon -- now
> known by his real name, John Lydon -- has agreed to appear in the
> reality show I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here! "I'm gobsmacked,"
> said Tony Wilson, a British journalist and music entrepreneur who knows
> Lydon. "I'm shocked, but I have faith ... I'm sure he's doing it for the
> right reasons."
> Other punk fans were appalled.
> "The announcement made me feel instantly old. ... If it has come to this
> for the prince of punk, then mediocrity really does get us all in the
> end," wrote Lee Randall in The Scotsman newspaper.
> In The Guardian, rock critic Charles Shaar Murray said "minds boggled"
> when rumours of Lydon's participation surfaced. "Whatever happened to
> punk rock, maaaaan?"
> Britain's near-insatiable appetite for celebrity gossip -- no matter how
> minuscule the celebrity -- and love of reality TV has spawned a clutch
> of celeb-reality hybrids, including Celebrity Big Brother and Drop the
> Celebrity, in which the moderately famous face ejection (with parachute)
> from a plane.
> I'm a Celebrity, which begins its third latest run Jan. 26 on the
> commercial ITV network, strands C-list celebs in the Australian jungle,
> subjects them to a series of icky trials involving spiders and snakes
> and allows the public to vote them off the show one by one.
> The show has proved a hit in Britain, drawing up to 14 million viewers
> -- nearly a quarter of the population. A U.S. version on ABC last year
> fared less well.
> There's no prize money for the winner, but previous British victors -- a
> DJ and a cricketer -- experienced big boosts to flagging careers.
> Alongside Lydon, the lineup includes a topless model named Jordan,
> former Olympic 400-metre runner Diane Modahl, '80s pop pinup Peter
> Andre, and Lord Brocket, an aristocrat jailed in 1996 for insurance fraud.
> They're joined by a member of a girl group, a former soccer player, a
> former soccer player's wife, a former BBC royal correspondent and a
> former radio DJ.
> The show's executive producer, Natalka Znak, said the lineup was "the
> most unpredictable cast yet."
> "Unpredictable" certainly sums up Lydon. As lead singer of The Sex
> Pistols, Lydon, now 47, helped revolutionize music with raucous
> anti-establishment tracks such as Anarchy in the U.K. and the bitterly
> sarcastic God Save the Queen.
> The group's outlandish dress sense and incendiary lyrics -- "God save
> the queen, the fascist regime" -- shook up British society, but the
> Pistols' career was short-lived. The band broke up during a tour of the
> United States in 1978. At their final show, Lydon goaded the audience
> with the words, "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"
> Lydon went on to form the '80s band Public Image Limited and now lives
> in Los Angeles. The Sex Pistols reunited in 1996 -- with original
> bassist Glen Matlock replacing the late Sid Vicious -- for the Filthy
> Lucre Tour: "We have found a common cause, and it's your money,"
> remarked Lydon. They reformed again in 2002 to coincide with the Queen's
> golden jubilee.
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