[FoRK] time commitment for a w3c wg?

Marty Halvorson martyh at nmcourts.com
Thu Jan 29 14:07:53 PST 2004

Having been involved in two ANSI, one industry wide, and two legal 
standards groups.  I'd suggest the time commitment is pretty much dependant 
how much you want to contribute.  In every group I've been in, there were 
folks who only showed up, folks who showed up having read the material 
being discussed, those who showed up with an agenda of things they wanted, 
and finally those who did most of the work.

You original note seemed to indicate that you'd most likely be an agenda 
person.  In that case, the time spent is mostly political, but, as a rule 
of thumb, two to six days a month would probably work.


Marty Halvorson
New Mexico Supreme Court
Judicial Information Division
martyh at nmcourts.com

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