[FoRK] Powell says Iraq may have no WMDs

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at endeavors.com
Wed Jan 28 09:11:33 PST 2004

Wait, Ian, now you are doing it too.  You are assuming that we should have known that
Iraq was going to pre-emptively invade Kuwait based on intelligence

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	He is referring to about 100,000 troops massed, with their armor, 20km 
	north of Kuwait City.  The US had seen this buildup via satellite and 
	it was being actively reported in the media.  Hussein and Aziz were 
	particularly open about their claims in the media throughout June and 
	July.  I'm not sure how much plainer Saddam Hussein needed to be about 
	his intentions with the Kuwaitis:  Negotiate with us, or we will annex 
	you to save ourselves.  It was not even specific demands he was 
	threatening against -- he was just trying to get the Kuwaitis to the 

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