[FoRK] Sorry Gord, Tricks Are For Republicans...

Gordon Mohr gojomo at usa.net
Wed Jan 28 01:39:09 PST 2004

Ian Andrew Bell wrote:
> Even as Mr. Mohr clings against impossible odds to the notion that Iraq 
> threatened the world with its fabled WMDs, the very people he defends 
> are fleeing the sinking ship like so many rats (a characterization I 
> find oddly apropos). 

You seem not to be following my position at all. I've been talking
about Iraq's 1990 WMDs, and the threat they would have grown to be,
had no action been taken in 1991. (Perhaps the future perfect tense
confuses you?)

Before this 2003 conflict, I thought that any WMD programs found
postwar would be shown to be inept, resource-starved, and of no
immediate threat. I predicted as much in a FoRKpost. That's pretty
much come to pass.

I always thought the WMD rationale was a mainly a sensational sideshow
for TV consumption, with the real reasons for war more subtle but still
compelling. These real reasons all had to do with potential, not
immediate threats, and the need to end sanctions without leaving the
Baath mob in power.

See any of my posts from March 2003 for details, and stop reacting
to what you want to see, rather than what I've actually written.

- Gordon

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