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democrats. we resist what unifies others: singlemindedness. we're complex;
as a group, we don't always agree ideologically. we're not slogan material.
which absolutely confounds non-democrats.  and irks them, apparently,
because they keep trying to pin one on us. "tax and spend" was their last
successful effort, but that one's lost its cachet of exclusivity.

allow me to recommend a book for you - authored by a died-in-the-wool
Restoration of the Republic: The Jeffersonian Ideal in 21st-Century America
Oxford University Press (July 2002); 292 pp.

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> I myself have looked hard and I cannot find any such SINGLE, REAL
> Democrat.

Maybe it is where you live.  Either that or you sure as hell aren't
trying very hard to find them.  Here in California, the Democrats have
been seeing serious defections for a couple years now and this fact is
recorded in the state statistics.  However, part of this probably has to
do with just how profoundly awful the Democrats are in this state.

I don't have to go far to find defections here.  Members of my own
family for starters.  Members of my girlfriend's family.  Life long
Democrats who have re-registered as Republicans, not that I ever agreed
with their politics either way.  As for the libertarian folks, they
simply won't vote, though the majority of them DID vote for Bush the
last time around the best I can tell.

Perhaps my sample pool is polluted, since I know far more Democrats and
nominal Libertarians in these parts than real social conservative
Republicans.  From that standpoint, it would make sense that I know far
more about Democrat defections than Republican defections.  That's not
my problem.  It was asked whether I anybody knew of real defections, and
I know several, more D->R than R->D but I gave the benefit of the doubt
and called them even since you can't get a balanced sample in Silicon

Like I care.  All the Party Approved(tm) candidates suck ass.  Switching
parties is not evidence of either enlightenment or general cluefulness
on the parts of the switchers.

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