[FoRK] More evidence of big trouble in right-wing land at CPAC

Bill Stoddard bill at wstoddard.com
Tue Jan 27 16:40:22 PST 2004

Lucas Gonze wrote:

> On Tuesday, Jan 27, 2004, at 18:43 America/New_York, jbone at place.org wrote:
>> Straight to the punchline,  from a conservative at CPAC:  "The only 
>> way I'd vote for Bush," said Jeffrey Becker, a 41-year-old engineer 
>> from West Virginia, "is if Hillary got in the race.""
>> So even aside from the moderate defectors, there's going to be a swell 
>> of refection to Libs and Constitutional Party.  Nader's spoiler's 
>> going to look like chump change.  Good for libs, good / hard lesson 
>> for the GOP, good for getting Bush out of office.
> Honestly, I have no sense of how unified Republicans will be.
> One bit of anecdotal evidence: I have a friend who is a loyal republican 
> voter, and mentioned that he might vote Democratic in the next election 
> because (referring to the fiscal mess, I think): "It's embarrassing."
> How about it, right-leaning FoRKers?  Is there even one person who voted 
> for Bush in the last election considering voting for a Democrat in the 
> next?

Here. The GOP needs to get back to its roots.


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