[FoRK] The Word is Getting Out

jbone at place.org jbone at place.org
Mon Jan 26 09:30:33 PST 2004

A friend forwarded this:

"To my amazement, Friday night on 20/20 they had a program on "Lies,  
Myths and Downright Stupidity
   Stossel's List of Popularly Reported Misconceptions".

"Myth number 6 was: "Republicans Shrink the Government"



Irony:  AM talk radio is / was, of course, all in a lather about the  
MoveOn "hitler" submissions.  They would like to (and do) cast MoveOn  
as a seething hotbed of far-left extremism.  You would think the entire  
organization was a Lenin- and Mao- quoting rabble.  Actually, though,  
the ad that was *picked* by MoveOn folks had as it's theme the deficit;  
  it showed scenes of small children working in industrial jobs and  
asked "Who will pay for George Bush's deficit?"

The right-wing is off-target, and this bodes ill for them and for the  
GOP to the extent that it continues to pander to them and not mind its  
own base and ideals.  The right-wingers seem to think we're having a  
culture war where the battles are being fought on the fields of school  
prayer, the Ten Commandments, gay marriage, abortion, and a bunch of  
other topics.  But apparently their nemeses on the "left" (as  
identified by the right-wing, i.e. "anybody who speaks out against  
Bush") are primarily concerned about fiscal responsibility and  
controlling the size, reach, and growth of government and government  

I like Turpin's (?) characterization:  the New Republicans are for Big  
Government, Big Brother, and Big Spending.

Instead of "MoveOn" --- now that that issue is dead --- that particular  
org should rename itself to "Enough!"



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