[FUNNY] SARS Epidemic Rages On (on Comedy Central)

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Wed Apr 30 19:42:40 PDT 2003

Gregory Alan Bolcer:
>they've gone overboard stating that this is not going to be a "nation 
>building" exercise as a clear message to the Iraqi people that the US isn't 
>going to be a long-term occupying force. I think the Bush admin has been 
>very careful to point out the differences no matter how small to post-Japan 
>occupation and what they are currently doing now.

The question is: Why? Because they believe the
course they have chosen is most likely to
produce a good result? Good. Because this is
backed by some in-depth planning? Better.
Because the Bush administration fears the
political and fiscal commitment to a longer
involvement? Bad. Because they think this washes
their hands of the result? Stupid. Because they
don't want to chew how much they have bitten
off? Cowardly and repugnant. Because anything
else would be worse at this point? Maybe so.

It's impossible to evaluate this rhetoric
without knowing the thinking and planning behind
it. Every situation is different. What we did
with Japan was an epic success. If we reject
that path, I hope it is because we have figured
out that it won't work here.

>The funniest thing, every Iraqi or Iranian that I know or have known are 
>pertty dang smart, pretty dang aware, and pretty dang Americanized. Despite 
>the 3rd world image, I can't imagine anything other than a whole country of 
>people just like us.

Were these temporary or permanent immigrants to
the US? Were they people you met in academic and
professional circles? These are pretty highly
selected groups.

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