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Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at endeavors.com
Wed Apr 30 12:13:33 PDT 2003

I think in politics, the number of times you
say something is supposed to add extra meaning, and
they've gone overboard stating that this is not
going to be a "nation building" exercise as
a clear message to the Iraqi people that the US
isn't going to be a long-term occupying force.

I think the Bush admin has been very careful
to point out the differences no matter how
small to post-Japan occupation and what they
are currently doing now.

One thing that I think is really interesting though,
is that between Iraq and Afghanistan, there's only
one country.   If they wanted to isolate that country,
they couldn't have picked two better ones to invade
to do so.

The funniest thing, every Iraqi or Iranian that I
know or have known are pertty dang smart, pretty
dang aware, and pretty dang Americanized.  Despite
the 3rd world image, I can't imagine anything other
than a whole country of people just like us.


Russell Turpin wrote:

> Bullshit. This wasn't a term in a technical
> position paper written by a Pentagon wonk. It
> was a term used by George Bush on the campaign
> trail. It's completely disingenuous to claim
> that was never meant to apply to the kind of
> thing we're now doing in Iraq and Afghanistan.
> I truly HOPE we are nation building. If better
> nations don't emerge from this, our efforts
> were largely futile. It's pretty scurrilous to
> defend a now discarded viewpoint by saying,
> "well, we're doing it this way instead of that
> way." It would be worse if some committment to
> such technicality prevented the administration
> from considering the full range of possibilities
> in how to reconstruct the nations we have now
> conquered.
> Let's be clear. Whether it goes well or not,
> whether we occupy these nations for years or
> immediately transition to a local government,
> we ultimately bear the larger responsibility for
> the results. A quick exit does not wash our hands
> of that. We assumed that burden when we kicked
> out the previous government.
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