[SPORK] Weird definition of "draining the swamp"

Owen Byrne owen at permafrost.net
Wed Apr 30 15:43:14 PDT 2003

Bill Stoddard wrote:

> Jeff Bone wrote:
>> On Wednesday, Apr 30, 2003, at 11:51 US/Central, Bill Stoddard wrote:
>>> I sure hope the US of A never falls under a brutal dictatorship like 
>>> Saddam's.  Even if France had the ability to restore democracy, they 
>>> wouldn't. I wonder if Chirac and company are as cowardly in their 
>>> personal relationships?
>> Yawn.  This obsession with the French is as bizarre and sad as a 
>> certain obsession with a certain previous President.
>> Look, whatever else you want to call it, whether or not we agree with 
>> the moral basis of their position, "cowardice" doesn't enter into the 
>> equation.  
> Yes it does.
>> Standing up to the only superpower in the world for what you feel are 
>> your convictions and best interests isn't "cowardly."
> The US is by far the most benevolent superpower in the history of the 
> world (I can already hear Owen blowing up all the way down here in 
> Clay Aiken land ;-).

;-). The phrase "You might as well say HIV is the most benevolent virus 
in the history of the world - it is careful not to kill its host until 
it has drained all of value from it." pops into my mind.
As far as I can tell, the problem with the French is that they are 
enamored with the US - they want to have a third world empire to rape - 
just like you. That they're not as successful at it, or
don't have as good PR, well. they can try again. They continue to get 
examples to follow.


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