[SPORK] Holy Shiite! US pulling out of Saudi Arabia

Jeff Bone jbone at deepfile.com
Wed Apr 30 11:52:40 PDT 2003

On Wednesday, Apr 30, 2003, at 10:36 US/Central, Gordon Mohr wrote:

> We've already been over this. The case was overwhelmingly cogent.

We've already been over this.  Clearly, the case was *NOT* even 
minimally cogent, much less overwhelmingly cogent.  If it had been even 
minimally cogent, then many, many reasonable people would have been 
convinced that, instead, were and are highly critical.

> No criminal (oppressive, non-democratic, aggressive) regime has
> any "sovereignty" that's worth respecting. It's just a mob.

Sounds like you're making the case for impeaching POTUS.  Anybody care 
to tally up how many laws have been broken or possibly broken by this 
sad little gangster and "his" crew?

> Anyone who
> wants to change such a regime is on the side of the right,

Glad to hear you admit it. :-)

> the weaselly
> notion of "sovereignty" notwithstanding.

I guess that notion of "sovereignty" only works when it's applied to 
the U.S., hmm?

> Your concept of "right" in this case, based on international formalism
> rather than the security of free nations and freedom of individuals,
> is bankrupt and should be discarded.

And what protects the security of free nations and the freedom of 
individuals...  from an aggressive, unilateral, belligerent, 
Imperialist, *criminal*, and uncooperative America?  WE are the biggest 
threat to peace in the world today.  By your / the pre-emption 
argument, those nations should gang up on us IMMEDIATELY to prevent 
future American aggression.

Bzzzt, sorry Gordon.  In order to avoid a dizzy cycle of military 
intervention and counterintervention, there have to be some formalisms. 
  Or at a minimum conventions.  We've thrown all those out the window.


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