[SPORK] Weird definition of "draining the swamp"

Bill Stoddard bill at wstoddard.com
Wed Apr 30 10:28:42 PDT 2003

Justin Mason wrote:
> Adam L. Beberg said:
>>What's really sad is that the avg Iraqi on the street is going to be a hell
>>of alot WORSE off now.
>>At least before they had an insane and government that could sell oil to
>>feed the masses (some of the time).
>>Bush took their oil.
>>And before the minority was in power and could keep the majority from
>>outright genocide.
>>Bush is putting the majority in power to do as they like.
> And before they could pirate Madonna's latest to their heart's content;
> now Hilary Rosen is in charge of the new Iraqi IP regime. ;)
> BTW interesting bits on the political stuff -- even the spooks are pissed
> off.  "US, UK intelligence agencies accuse Bush and Blair of distorting and
> fabricating evidence in rush to war":
>   A high-level UK source said last night that intelligence agencies on both
>   sides of the Atlantic were furious that briefings they gave political
>   leaders were distorted in the rush to war with Iraq. 

I still don't see how something twelve years in the making is a 'rush'.


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