Chandler and REST

Justin Mason jm at
Tue Apr 29 23:03:20 PDT 2003

Jeff Bone said:

> I've got big hopes for this thing, but I'm already leery.  We'll see 
> --- fingers crossed.  Just more first impressions than any deep opinion.

Yeah, I must say I didn't even bother downloading -- it's way before
being ready to even look at, I think.

However, they do have Kaitlin "Duck" Sherwood working on design of the
email side.  I've swapped some mails with Kaitlin regarding email
usability and MUA design, and she knows that stuff incredibly well.

Compare with Evolution, where they were aiming to do nothing much more
than clone Outlook as far as I can see...

With any luck, in a year's time Chandler could be revolutionary, in its
application to mail at least.   I'm keeping an eye on it, but in the
sense of looking at the webpages, not downloading the code just yet ;)


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