[SPORK] Holy Shiite! US pulling out of Saudi Arabia

James Rogers jamesr at best.com
Tue Apr 29 18:53:36 PDT 2003

This has been planned for over a year now, as a move to reduce the risk of
an Islamic fundamentalist revolution in Saudi Arabia and to give the Saudi
government enough political standing to safely crack down on extremists
within their own country. Now that Iraq has been eliminated as a military
power, eliminating the usefulness of military bases in Saudi Arabia, the US
can leave and the Saudi government can crack down on fundamentalists without
looking politically like puppets of the Americans to their own population
(ignoring whether or not this was and is still the case).

One *could* look at this as the reason for an accelerated timetable in Iraq.
We needed the support of the Saudi government to be effective in Iraq, but
we feared that the Saudi government was at risk of being taken over by
Islamic extremists.  By finishing the Iraq militarily ASAP, we no longer
have a military need for Saudi Arabia, and we can leave that country
allowing that government to sort out its own internal threats.  This gives
the Saudi government a chance to greatly reduce the probability of an
Islamic revolution and helps stabilize that country.  This calculus makes
sense to me, and I first heard about this plan quite a while back.


-James Rogers
 jamesr at best.com

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