The Grad Student and the Dropout

Joseph S. Barrera III joe at
Tue Apr 29 13:31:18 PDT 2003

Jeff Bone wrote:

>  Regardless, usually ideas don't go straight to pop-sci --- usually
>  there's a corpus of "real" lit that gets built beforehand, before
>  some science journalist picks up the meme or some scientist decides
>  it'll help with grants if the get a little PR and pop-cred. Can we
>  actually short-circuit this process? Why would you want to?

"Why?" What do you mean, "why?"
He already told you why!
Or did you not read the second sentence,
the one with the word "money" in it?

- Joe :-)
I know thee well: a serviceable villain;
as duteous to the vices of my mistress
as badness would desire.

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